Friday, May 27, 2016

Luann | Maternity

An amazing maternity shoot done with this pretty mummy! 
Nice weather on the shooting day at the farm, lovely smile from her and everything blend so well at this time around. 

Congrats once again to you Luann Ho on your pregnancy. 
Wishing you stay healthy & happy with your hubby and welcoming your baby soon!

Luann - Maternity-01 Luann - Maternity-02 Luann - Maternity-03 Luann - Maternity-04 Luann - Maternity-05 Luann - Maternity-06 Luann - Maternity-07 Luann - Maternity-08 Luann - Maternity-09 Luann - Maternity-10 Luann - Maternity-11 Luann - Maternity-12 Luann - Maternity-13 Luann - Maternity-14 Luann - Maternity-15 Luann - Maternity-16 Luann - Maternity-17 Luann - Maternity-18 Luann - Maternity-19 Luann - Maternity-20 Luann - Maternity-21 Luann - Maternity-22 Luann - Maternity-23 Luann - Maternity-24

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