Thursday, July 21, 2016

Lawrence + Qii | Couple Shoot

It's a great day ahead where we going to start our shoot on a Sunday morning.
I'm glad that both Lawrence & Qii having me to get their lovely emotions framed under the hot sun.
Been planning to have a shoot at not so ordinary places in the KL which is Petaling Street.
Luckily enough to meet this pair of couple that are joyful to agree with my plan ha! lol

Thank you once again to Lawrence & Qii for having me,
and Jane Poon on the make up & hair-do which make them sparks on the photos!

Photographer : Chee Lek
Location : KL Streets
Make up & Hair : Jane Poon
Concept : Chee Lek

Lawrence+Qii-01 Lawrence+Qii-02 Lawrence+Qii-03 Lawrence+Qii-04 Lawrence+Qii-05 Lawrence+Qii-06 Lawrence+Qii-07 Lawrence+Qii-08 Lawrence+Qii-09 Lawrence+Qii-10
Lawrence+Qii-12 Lawrence+Qii-13 Lawrence+Qii-14 Lawrence+Qii-15 Lawrence+Qii-16 Lawrence+Qii-17 Lawrence+Qii-18 Lawrence+Qii-19 Lawrence+Qii-20 Lawrence+Qii-21 Lawrence+Qii-22 Lawrence+Qii-23 Lawrence+Qii-24 Lawrence+Qii-25 Lawrence+Qii-26 Lawrence+Qii-27 Lawrence+Qii-28 Lawrence+Qii-29 Lawrence+Qii-30 Lawrence+Qii-31 Lawrence+Qii-32 Lawrence+Qii-33 Lawrence+Qii-34 Lawrence+Qii-35 Lawrence+Qii-36 Lawrence+Qii-37 Lawrence+Qii-38 Lawrence+Qii-39 Lawrence+Qii-40 Lawrence+Qii-41 Lawrence+Qii-42 Lawrence+Qii-43 Lawrence+Qii-44 Lawrence+Qii-45 Lawrence+Qii-46 Lawrence+Qii-47 Lawrence+Qii-48 Lawrence+Qii-49 Lawrence+Qii-50 Lawrence+Qii-51 Lawrence+Qii-52 Lawrence+Qii-53 Lawrence+Qii-54 Lawrence+Qii-55 Lawrence+Qii-56 Lawrence+Qii-57 Lawrence+Qii-58 Lawrence+Qii-59 Lawrence+Qii-60

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