Monday, February 6, 2017

Wah + Kee | Pre - Wedding

FUN its all we can talk about this shoot in Melacca last year!
It was a great weather on the first day through out the shooting, we had joy & jokes.
The bad weather couldn't stop us from shoot for the second day morning!
It went quite well with unplanned idea go along the way.
Thanks & my pleasure working with this 2 lovely couple!

Photographer : Chee Lek
Location : Melacca
Concept : Chee Lek

Wah+Kee-01 Wah+Kee-02 Wah+Kee-03 Wah+Kee-04 Wah+Kee-05 Wah+Kee-06 Wah+Kee-07 Wah+Kee-08 Wah+Kee-09 Wah+Kee-10 Wah+Kee-11 Wah+Kee-12 Wah+Kee-13 Wah+Kee-14 Wah+Kee-15 Wah+Kee-16 Wah+Kee-17 Wah+Kee-18 Wah+Kee-19 Wah+Kee-20 Wah+Kee-21 Wah+Kee-22 Wah+Kee-23 Wah+Kee-24 Wah+Kee-25 Wah+Kee-26 Wah+Kee-27 Wah+Kee-28 Wah+Kee-29 Wah+Kee-30 Wah+Kee-31 Wah+Kee-32 Wah+Kee-33 Wah+Kee-34 Wah+Kee-35 Wah+Kee-36 Wah+Kee-37 Wah+Kee-38 Wah+Kee-39 Wah+Kee-40 Wah+Kee-41 Wah+Kee-42 Wah+Kee-43 Wah+Kee-44 Wah+Kee-45 Wah+Kee-46

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