Thursday, June 1, 2017

Rustic Wedding | Wen Chern + See Pin

Full of creativity & chocolate love for this two 
lovely love birds Wen Chern & See Pin. 
At the first time we met for catch up & talk about 
their wedding rundown is already an excitement for me to 
capture their beautiful Rustic Wedding in Tanah Rimba Janda Baik. 
Can you imagine most of the props & decoration are done by themselves?
This is crazy & creative!
They’re both the cofounder of Cocoraw
All the lovely chocolates shots below are ALL handmade by them!
Thank you once again for having us to 
witness and capturing yours wedding memories.

WC+SP-01 WC+SP-02 WC+SP-03 WC+SP-04 WC+SP-05 WC+SP-06 WC+SP-07 WC+SP-08 WC+SP-09 WC+SP-10 WC+SP-11 WC+SP-12 WC+SP-13 WC+SP-14 WC+SP-15 WC+SP-16 WC+SP-17 WC+SP-18 WC+SP-19 WC+SP-20 WC+SP-21 WC+SP-22 WC+SP-23 WC+SP-24 WC+SP-25 WC+SP-26 WC+SP-27 WC+SP-28 WC+SP-29 WC+SP-30 WC+SP-31 WC+SP-32 WC+SP-33 WC+SP-34 WC+SP-35 WC+SP-36 WC+SP-37 WC+SP-38 WC+SP-39 WC+SP-40 WC+SP-41 WC+SP-42 WC+SP-43 WC+SP-44 WC+SP-45 WC+SP-46 WC+SP-47 WC+SP-48 WC+SP-49 WC+SP-50 WC+SP-51 WC+SP-52 WC+SP-53 WC+SP-54 WC+SP-55 WC+SP-56 WC+SP-57 WC+SP-58 WC+SP-59 WC+SP-60 WC+SP-61 WC+SP-62 WC+SP-63 WC+SP-64 WC+SP-65 WC+SP-66 WC+SP-67 WC+SP-68 WC+SP-69 WC+SP-70 WC+SP-71 WC+SP-72 WC+SP-73

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