Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Anvil + Grace | Wedding Day

It's my honour to witness this chilling Couple weds 
where the bride Grace contacted me 20days before their wedding day! 
The most last minute weds client I've ever had haha. 
Loving both their artistry concept of simple wedding, so calm & so chill at Seputeh Glass House. 

It was a rainy day in the morning and 
the blessing sunlight strike at the right moment when they marching onto the stage.
Brighten up the whole venue to a more warm loving atmosphere.

A+G-001 A+G-002 A+G-003 A+G-004 A+G-005 A+G-006 A+G-007 A+G-008 A+G-009 A+G-010 A+G-011 A+G-012 A+G-013 A+G-014 A+G-015 A+G-016 A+G-017 A+G-018 A+G-019 A+G-020 A+G-021 A+G-022 A+G-023 A+G-024 A+G-025 A+G-026 A+G-027

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Steven + Jacqueline | Lifestyle Couple Portrait

This session came from a random drinking session and lead us for a shoot haha! A casual Saturday ride to Sekinchan with the oldies song played in car and seeking for the rolling grass. Unfortunately we’ve seen none but we met an amazing sunset for like 5mins for the best moment shots! It was really a fun session travelling, laughing & talking craps through out the shoot although it was a short one.

It was an beautiful evening for Steven & Jacqueline, and thank you for having me to make this beautiful moment eternally.

S+J_-001 S+J_-002 S+J_-003 i S+J_-004 S+J_-005 i S+J_-006 i S+J_-007 S+J_-008 S+J_-009 S+J_-010 S+J_-011 S+J_-012 S+J_-013 S+J_-014 S+J_-015 S+J_-016 S+J_-017 S+J_-018 S+J_-019 S+J_-020 S+J_-021 S+J_-022 S+J_-023 S+J_-024 S+J_-025